In the world of job hunting, most job websites don't help you learn the skills you need for the jobs they advertise, and vice versa. That's why we decided to create an app that does both things together. For every job we list, we also offer ways to learn the skills and gain experience through mentors, micro-jobs, and certifications.

What it does

Contributors can find micro-jobs on the jobs posted based on their background and skills on a selective field. Mentors can pick specific students and potentially "match" with them for individualized or group work for fulling a certain level and criteria for the micro-job. When contributors complete the job listed, mentors can give a certification for contributors to put on their resume to validate the work done.

How we built it

The webpages were built using html, javascript, and Figma to design our websites. Customize bootstrap templates were used to identify parts of our project. We also used SQL to fulfill a database schema of a testing population for our prototype. Data was filled with the help of and a custom python script. With these components we determined the feasibility of this project with models of the frontend and backend.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into was populating the database. We also don't know certain micro-jobs for other departments other than technology (ex. art, music, history).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Narrowing the scope of our project to an original idea (micro-jobs)
  • Developing a test database, having backend to showcase the functionality of our code
  • The dummy data of the database

What we learned

We learned how too critically think about an idea and work in a time constraint. This taught us to think big about our ideas, but work efficiently and not focus on the technical side of our project as much since this would need more time.

What's next for MicroConnect

Finding and developing an algorithm for the potential matching of a contributor with a mentor would be the next step for Micro Connect as this would efficiently decrease time spent for mentors to find contributors on the website. Public research must also be done to find micro-jobs in a wide variety of different departments other than technology.

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