Inspiration Do you ever find yourself wondering where to grab lunch from on the go? Or do you ever wish there could be a way you could get access to many services and businesses in one place instead of hoarding business cards or spending so much time going through the yellow pages for everyday services? Well we do, and the many people we have asked around us do too.

This is how we landed on the idea of collecting everything useful and making it easily accessible to everyone.

“But is that enough?”, we asked ourselves. With more than one similar businesses, how can a user choose the right one?

In a survey of 50 people that we did for a university project, we found out that 86% of people believed that other people’s reviews, opinions and ratings regarding a particular choice affected their decision making and helped save them time.

Thus, we decided to add another feature: User Reviews.

So Micro-Biz not only provides all the information in one place but aids the user’s decision making process by providing authentic reviews from other users. Our unique selling point is our extensive content screening and trustworthy reviews.

We are going to connect micro-businesses in Pakistan and that's our biggest Unique point.

What it does

What it does Micro-Biz is a mobile application that provides a Business Directory and a Review Forum where people can search for businesses, and read and give reviews about their services/products.

It is also a platform where business owners can add their businesses and reply to their customer reviews. This will push them to offer better services by taking real customer feedback.

How we built it

How we built it An application for the people had to have a great user experience - easy, simple, direct yet not boring.

Thus, first we designed our application prototypes using AdobeXD. The prototypes were analyzed, redone and retouched until we felt that we had achieved a UI quite close to what we wanted.

Then we built the application in Flutter using a Firebase backend.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into The “Tree” structure of Flutter was definitely a challenge for us, since we have been working with Native Android before.

However, it wasn’t long before we were able to see the amazing speed at which we could develop Micro-Biz.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we're proud of Learning and working with Flutter, and developing this application in record time.

What we learned

What we learned Flutter is excellent for rapid development and is extremely easy to work with, compared to other frameworks - it really does live up to its hype.

What's next for Micro-Biz

What's next for Micro-Biz Once we win this competition, we plan on refining the user interface for even better user experience, clear out any small bugs that may show up and start expanding our user base through marketing and advertising efforts.

Our next feature goal is to get individual businesses on board as business owners and help increase their sales through our platform.

Built With The tools we used: Prototyping and design: AdobeXD Development: Flutter with Firebase as backend.

Built With

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