Michigan Graduation Planner This Java application is designed to work with Wolverine Access and allow students to plan their four years of college by choosing the courses that they might have to take. This is an improvement from the LSA Course guide or the Wolverine Access system because it provides for all the information on one screen without having to keep searching for different courses. Currently, the Planner only highlights EECS Courses that one might need for a CSE major. The key feature is that the application helps to keep tracks of the prerequisites that might be needed. When the courses are dragged into the sandbox, it checks for the prerequisites and if they are not fulfilled in the previous semesters then the course turns red. There are also descriptions of the courses when you click on them.

All in all, this will allow for easier planning of courses as students do not have to keep searching for the courses repeatedly and can just scroll down the list to look at the interesting courses that they would like to take as well as see the requirements for their degree.

As this is a Java Application it is best seen in person. Come to our booth to see the Planner in Action

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