Emily got a Windows Phone this summer after her Android bit the dust. Upon return to campus she was disappointed with the lack of a usable Dining Hall app, or any semblance of a mobile interface on the housing website. Selfishly, she conjured up the idea for this app to make navigating life on campus a little easier. Ryen also thought it was cool, and was excited to try out developing on new platforms. Together, we hope that this app will come in handy for any Michigan student.

The most exciting feature is the ability to search by food item, so that you'll never miss your favorite meal again. We display the results with Dining Hall location and date. And as far as we know, this is the only platform which offers this functionality.

This was both of our first times developing for the Windows Phone platform, as well as coding in C#. In addition, it was Emily's first hackathon, as a series of unfortunate events prevented her from attending last year. We both learned an enormous amount through developing this app, and interacting with everyone here at MHacks.

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