James and his friends live in Dar essalaam, Tanzania, Since childhood, they enjoyed playing soccer regularly. It helps them bond, the pitch was their safe space where they could be themselves, make memories together.

Due to work and other life responsibilities, it becomes harder and harder for them to meet up and play soccer as they used to. Most of them live far apart from one another, and find it difficult to find a nearby pitch, a football community or affordable kits to play soccer. This limits their engagement In sports.

Michezo point, a platform where people can lend different sports equipments for very affordable prices, locate pitches and parks for play and discover other sports programs, events or activities near them, Michezo Point platform aspires to make physical activities accessible and affordable for all.

How Michezo+ Works. A digital platform with three areas

  • Geo map 📍Community parks and sports ground near me.
  • Events and activities
  • Gears and sports kits for lease. Users will use the platform to locate nearby places to exercise and connect with other like-minded individuals, discover and sign up for events as well as lease sports gears for most affordable prices.


  • Through leasing sports kits, the money to be used to repair/purchase new kits
  • Sponsorship ads in the platform (sport /nonsports ads)
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