Mic-vocoder takes the Windows audio input/output devices that are currently in use and streams the data from one to the other. This is the frame for a middle step of changing the inputed audios frequencies, and other variables, to user liking.

Development Progress Steps: [X] Get Input Device [X] Get Output Device [X] Initialization and Prep of Devices [ ] Shared buffer getting/loading/releasing [ ] Audio out [ ] Vocode audio [ ] Output vocoded audio. [ ] Simple GUI (reach idea) [ ] GUI manipulation inputs/toggles (reach idea) [ ] Package/Imaging (reach idea) [ ] Success!

Windows audio stuff is really complicated and layers of interfaces. Took far longer reading through documentation than actually being able to debug and code. This has been a good start into making this functional, but time allotment, sleep, and previous commitments stop us here today.

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