Inspired by the opening ceremony for ShellHacks, which featured a few faux pas with handling the lone portable microphone among several presenters. The idea was to have an application which multiple people can have access to the same speaker system, using their phone's microphone to say their piece and having a toggle to make sure only one speaker has an open mic at any given time.

What it does

Streams audio input from the client phone's microphone and sends it to the server via socket connection. The audio then plays through the host's speaker system.

How I built it

Both the client and server were written in Java and the android application was put together in Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

Most of the team had no experience developing for android or even in socket programming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a working system in such a short amount of time.

What I learned

Gained insight into mobile development, networking, and audio processing.

What's next for Mic Drop

Allowing for multiple instances of the receiving connection via a database with a web interface for accessing the application as its being hosted. Authentication of users in these instances using QR codes. Cleaning up the incoming audio with noise reduction. Many directions this application can go!

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