Three days ago, in my algorithms class one of my classmates did a presentation on steganography algorithms. I found that very cool and interesting so I decided that for my hackathon project I should base it around something similar to that.

What it does

mib is a very simple and fun app to encrypt and decrypt personal messages. It encrypts any message you want and also decrypts the encrypted message using mib's unique encryption and decryption algorithm. Then all one has to do is copy paste the message and text it to a friend. Now one can have secrete text messages between friends!

How I built it

I used xcode to develop and design mib, swift to code it and I also used affintiy designer to create all the graphics.

Challenges I ran into

Learning about encryption and decryption algorithms.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing mib in less than 24 hours.

What I learned

I learned about the steganography algorithm and how to make one's own encryption algorithm.

What's next for mib

Submitting it to the AppStore so that millions of people can download it on their iPhone.

Built With

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