Every year, the average of about 300,000 students in at the Undergraduate level graduate their Bachelor of Arts Programs or Bachelor of Science programs First degree) at the University levels and a whole lot more even in the polytechnics follow in the same line. However, these students always go through a very tedious situation in which they always go through thick and thin to present their thesis statements in the form of project work. This situation seems to be a normal routine for almost every student who goes through the Ghanaian system of formal academic system. And only a few students in this country make it in life as entrepreneurs to become financially free to impact the lives of many. Students during their projects go through a lot to generate and work on very brilliant ideas that solve problems in life or are at least models that can help people use to develop businesses but all these hard work mostly end after their final defense in their final year and after graduation. Such projects end up mostly on the desks of their supervisors and lecturers or sometimes, these same ideas are used by the supervisors to develop multi-billion dollar companies which may end up employing those students who developed the idea in some years later after struggling with unemployment. Apart from Undergraduate and Polytechnics students, some other people also suffer this fate of not turning their projects into businesses that should impact lives in the world. Such people include any person in Ghana who has an idea, PhD students, Masters’ Students, Technical and Vocational students and even some of the younger generation who are really thinking outside the box. Investors and other companies along such line of interest also lament that students just remain unemployed with their awesome ideas because they do not contact such companies in the industry for the help that the students need especially in the area of finance. Innovators in the form of the above mentioned students also complain bitterly that they do not know of such opportunity and the existence of such platforms that can help them get investors to help them scale their prototypes. However there are platforms such as Vc4africa, Gesa Makers’ Faire, Hultz price and Scientists of the Future that do exist that help people with their start-ups but indeed, such platforms have low publicity amidst the target group. We at MIAWOE believe that every idea generator with innovation qualifies to become an entrepreneur and as such our motto ‘Let us do it’. Hence, we come in to serve as liaise between the idea and the market.

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