A Social Good Civic Hack.


There's an affordable housing crisis here in Miami and most big cities in USA. We are concerned residents of Miami Dade County and are urging leaders, all elected officials, developers, management/leasing companies and Miami Dade Public Housing Community Development to remove the barriers to entry for working families with household incomes between 35k to 45k( 60% to 80%).

What it does

We created a platform and a chatbot which residents can access and guide them through the difficult process that is applying and finding affordable housing opportunities

How we built it

We Built it using HTML, CSS, Java, & IBM WATSON

Challenges we ran into

Making a difficult process easy and seamless.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud we built a chatbot, and a great webpage we built in less than a day.

What's next for Miami Affordable Housing

We plan to scale this and continue building on this.

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