sustainability is a huge problem. we thought of using cutting edge technology to implement a unique solution

What it does

MIA is an artificial home management system which can be used to maintain the power consumption, water consumption, and the power supply to your household with minimal human interaction. MIA has the features to learn and adopt not just depend on sensors and preset values. MIA can be installed in currently existing houses as well as newly constructing houses. The Applications and functions of MIA is enormous. We will be considering the bellow applications. • Smart Electricity Usage Manager • Smart Water Manager • Smart Electricity Supply Manager

How I built it

the basic application for this solution was programmed mainly using android studio to creat the mobile application in integration with the artificial intelligence

Challenges I ran into

solving the problem in a unique way. which we were able to do

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

having to complete a BETA version of the concept

What I learned

team work and management skills

What's next for MIA

there are no limits to what MIA can do, she could eventually be integrated into every part of our lives

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