For long I sat and watched as many families languish in serious pangs of hunger and famine, with little or no meal at all. Whenever I watched the news, trails of hunger stricken Kenyans was the order of the day. Terrifying images of emaciated babies and adults gave me no peace.

I said to myself that something must be done, and very urgently or else we are heading for a bumpy ride. But before I could finalise plans then behold Corona Virus pandemic paid our mortuary fee in an already dying society in hunger. These is what pushed me to come up with these idea.

What it does

First of all I always believe that we cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone. I also believe that food is always available but the problem is equal distribution, since we have three groups of people in the society, the rich, the middle rich and the poor. The rich usually have enough to spill, the middle rich have enough some to even store but the poor are not guaranteed of their meal.

So I asked myself a question that why should someone have ten bags of food in his store while there is someone somewhere sleeping hungry?

Kenya's are one, full of love and unity, our foundation. Kenyans are always willing to support each other but what brings these gap now?

  1. You realize that at the moment those who are sleeping hungry are just imaginary, you don't know where they live and probably they have not shared their situation.

  2. The platforms that are currently available are so slow and inadequate to save the most vulnerable in the society, they have a long process that detours the poor from accessing help.

  3. That the current platforms have been ripped by waves of corruption that has deprived help from the needy.

  4. That the current platforms have not offered enough chances to those who are willing to support the most vulnerable in the society by making the process simple to an extend that even the poor can support the other poor, with whatever they have in excess.

These platform will ensure that everyone gets a chance to contribute anything according to their ability to help.

It also ensures that the needy can be able to give a notification of their meal status on that day and request for help from anywhere in the country, then the teams will direct a food delivery to that family through registered volunteer either trucks or bodaboda riders and that family gets a meal.

How I built it

Using a simple SMS platform, an app for smartphones and direct visit to the nearest Mi - Mkarimu Shop a needy person is able to log into the free SMS service and following few steps and answering some question the person will be sent a confirmation message of approval of delivery of food. Those with smartphones can download an app that will ask them same questions then review those questions to determine if that person is eligible for food pack delivery.

Remember these service will be provided to the most vulnerable in the society those who lack a meal, and the meal provided will be a two days meal then the needy will have to wait for another 1week for another chance so as to give chance to others, these might change according to the donations response.

Voluntary Mi - Mkarimu Shops will be registered country wide to serve as delivery points for food packs so in case someone wants to donate food in a certain town you just take it to that shop or request one of the volunteers transporters to pick it. if someone from that village wants food he or she will be directed to that shop with a confirmation message of approval of food.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges I ran into are like developing that platform requires expertise and connection with one of the mobile network providers

Creating awareness to the society of the existence of such a platform and donations comes with a cost.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Am proud that I have submitted my idea and project to these National platform where I believe of great potential to realize my dream of a hunger free nation.

What I learned

I have learnt never to dispair in whatever idea and always seek solution to better humanity because it pays and brings great joy to see someone's life changed or saved.


I am up to realizing my idea and get it to work and help humanity, the first phase of these project will begin soon that is creating the messaging service, the app, the awareness, donations then open for food delivery as simple but great!

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