The story starts 4 months ago at the ER in a painful experience waiting to be admitted to the hospital. There was a girl who was too intoxicated to speak for herself, forgot her health card and was with someone who only knew her first name. There was no way to properly identify her. Flash forward 3 more months to speaking with a ER doctor. One of the number one problems at the ER is patients being misidentified. This especially dangerous for those with severe allergies. Our hack solves this problem by identifying you within seconds and providing the doctors with accurate, up to date medical information. This includes your health card, emergency contact, past medical information and more. The target user would be those with severe health issues who are at extreme risk if not properly identified. We also believe anyone would be able to benefit from our application. We're most proud of the speed someone would be able to register at the ER as well as the ability for medical facilities to access your medical history from any hospital/ clinic etc.

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