How many times you want to do something, let it be study, eat, play, laundry, etc., only to realise you waste an absurd amount of time because you do not find space available at the parking lot, diner, study rooms, or the machines are busy at the lab.

We intend to solve this problem. You will no longer have to leave your apartment on a rainy day, only to find out the library is full and there is no place for you to stay. You will simply be able to visit our website or mobile app and all the space availability information will be viewable for you; How may people are at the library, which study rooms are available, how many computer lab machines are taken and even how many tables are available at the universities diner.

Our target users are university students, who mostly do not have abundant time available to waste on looking for free spaces or going all the way to a study place only to find out you have to leave.

This app will make life easier and simpler for students, so that they do not waste their energy on things you really should not be wasting time on. Instead, study effectively, spend time with friends and family and dedicate your precious time for the things you love and have to do without wasting any of it!

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