Introduction MHPlayer is a command line MP3 player that is agile to let your computer focus on more critical functions. The program accepts song file paths as arguments, plays each song in succession, and terminates upon completion. With this C program, you can change your songs without leaving your coding space and can run the program in the background while you continue your work.

Motivation We chose to create this program to learn to manage other forms of output for the user. Music is an important part of many students' lives, and this project showed us many of the levels of complexity present in a media player, that are often taken for granted.

Code Example _ Playing one song _ ./MHPlayer sample1.mp3

_ Playing 3 songs _ ./MHPlayer sample1.mp3 sample2.mp3 sample3.mp3

Contributors Jake Braun, Jordan Weathersby, & Collin McFadden. October 2017.

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