The game is a story about a man, named Zarl Khu (Name used with permission), who gets into an accident on the way to MasseyHacks IV. 25 years later, he gets revived by the new Ministry of Health and Revival of the MasseyHacks Empire. Zarl Khu is forced to adapt to the new society, created by Tenry Hu (Name still used with permission), who rules over the empire.

While adapting, he meets a man, named Arsalaan Rasheed (Name also used with permission), who is organizing a rebellion called the MasseyHacks White Hats, a group of people against the 'tyrannical control' of the empire. Zarl is asked to join the rebellion. From here, the story splits, Zarl can choose to join the rebellion, or report MHWH to the authorities.

If Zarl chooses to join the rebellion, he will be forced to keep this discreet and will be forced to support the uprising. If Zarl chooses to report the rebellion, he will be allowed to join the Royal United MH Forces, attempting to destroy all the rebellions in the empire, and restore order.

The story is yours to choose, the game may be different depending on your decisions.

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