During the Covid-19 pandemic, I often feel depressed and detached from other people, the lack of social interaction had a drastic change on my life. There are thoughts and issues that I would like to talk to others about, but I am afraid that they would not like to listen, and sometimes I am just too shy to talk about them. This is how we came up with MHeart -- an website that you can talk to, which you can tell your problems to.

What it does

The website provides a platform for the user to speak out their hearts, to express feelings that they don’t have elsewhere to let out. The website provides an AI that will kindly greet the user and ask the user’s name. The AI then asks the user how his day has been. With different responses from the user, AI will react differently.

How we built it

We have built the website from scratch to display the chatting screen. We used FaceBook’s to process natural language and train our AI.

What’s next

The next step for MHeart is to implement a matching system that would match users into private conversations. The website will match users based on how they feel today and what they would like to talk about, so that the users can enjoy conversing with actual human beings. We also need to train the model better to understand the chat after telling the bot what your emotions are. We are going to further develop functions like messenger and Instagram for people to better chat and to enhance user experience. We also needs to transition to our wix new website.

What we do

MHeart is a place where you can speak out your heart, to express feelings that you otherwise cannot express. We got the inspiration because the lack of social interaction has had a drastic change on our lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. We would like to share thoughts and issues but we are just too shy and are afraid that people would not listen. This is essentially where MHeart, a website that you can talk to and tell your problems to, comes into play. The website provides a platform which takes advantage of FaceBook’s that would provide an opportunity for the user to express their feelings and react correspondingly as well as offer some inspirational quotes.

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