Filtering a Drum Loop

My first-ever participation in a hackathon !!

It is a simple educational web page that I made this weekend for the hackathon. I tried to join a team but I had no luck so I decided just for the participation to make this little project. It learns you a little bit about digital filters and how they can be useful in the digital audio domain. I am a junior developer but I have a general passion for music composition, production, and now development.


I used a bootstrap template for the UI and Tone.js for adding the filters.


It was a fun weekend making this project reading all the news in Slack and watching the tutorials on Youtube. To be honest I would prefer to be on a team but that's ok, I tried alone. Next time I might be luckier.

A Big Thank you.

Thanks to the team and all the people that made this and also for the opportunity to participate.

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