M.E.M.E - (Mhacks Educational Meme Exchange)

A creative way to learn & practice investing skills by trading smart with everyone's favorite memes. M.E.M.E is a virtual simulation of the stock market; memes represent companies and their stocks. This provides an engaging and exciting way of interacting with a simulated trading system for it's users to learn and understand it better.


In a world were millennials are the future and almost everyone, coming out of college and or paying off debts, it's important to teach millennials to start saving money and investing money. This is why created MEME, there is no better topic today's teens can connect with than memes and thus an amazing way to teach them the basics of stock trading.


  • Memes IPO on request and are well simulated to represent an actual IPO using our mathematical model
  • Stock prices are controlled by demand and supply just like in an actual market.
  • Intuitive User interface for ease of use
  • Meme Portfolio to keep track of one's investments

The Popularity Index Modeling (Math that powers M.E.M.E)

We scraped the web to generate the best index of popularity for each meme at a given time stamp. We did this through various web technologies, and data mining. We used Google Trends, Know Your Memes Database to generate traffic and view measures for each meme. We compile all these into a popularity point for each meme.

The challenge was to represent this popularity index in a way that simulates a company's worth through mathematical modeling. After running various trials, we concluded the current best model for generating IPO price of a meme or it's starting price as:

(ln(popularity*2 + 1))^8


git clone the repository. Use: ng serve This will run a version of our code in your computer

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