Medication Alert

Improperly taking medication or forgetting to can severely limit the effectiveness of the medication and be seriously dangerous. After learning that many patients who take prescription medication don't take their meds as prescribed, we decided that we could make some sort of reminder app that would remind users to actually take them on time, and make it more difficult to forget. A phone app seemed like the best option for this idea, we decided on Android because our group had personal Android phones and could test easily. We then realized that we could easily access sms and send a text notification to the user's doctor or medical services, so they can remind the patient themselves or help them if the missed medication was critical to the user's health. On system boot, a background service starts that periodically checks the time, sending a notification if a set notification time is reached. Either the user or their doctor can enter in data about a medication and when to take it (see Data Entry image), that data is saved in a local xml file on the android device, can be easily retrieved, and persists across reboots. If the app were developed further, we could add more customization options, and could implement a way to notify health services.

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