What is Survu

Survu is a survey app that allows companies to gather data in a more consistent manner by providing the consumers with an incentive as well. Each time after the client or consumer utilizes a service, they can enter a code found on their receipt into our app. Once on out app, they'll be able to connect their credit card and take a short survey. In return for their time and opinion, they'll receive a small sum of money into their bank account. Survu supplies companies with affordable data while also helping the general public using the app benefit.


When the four of us were brainstorming ideas, we knew that we wanted to build something that would help people in their everyday lives. Something that would be able to benefit different sides of the society. One of our team members personally knew someone who had said that they wished they could collect more data on their customers. The primary way that stores can do this is through surveys. However, if you're anything like a typical person, chances are, you usually don't take the time to complete them. They can often feel like a waste of time, which is why we decided to provide an incentive for taking the survey as well. This way, both the company and the customers leave feeling satisfied - the company receiving the data they need and the customers walking out with a bit more cash in their hands.

How we built it

Survu is built on React Native, using mostly javascript, Firebase and the Visa API.

Challenges we ran into

There were quite a few challenges that we had to face along the way, mostly to do with React Native and the Visa API. No one on our team had much experience with react, javascript nor react native. Therefore, we had to spend much of the beginning first learning the skills needed in addition to figuring out just exactly what we were capable of.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the fact that we were able to get a _ native _ app running with a survey platform that we built from scratch with the Visa payment API.

What we learned

Not only did we learn a whole lot of new technologies, we also learned about the workflow of an app that requires the server and a database. As for the technologies, we learned a whole new language (react-native) and how to incorporate Firebase into mobile development (it was really shockingly fast!).

What's next for Survu

When builiding this app, we were mainly focusing on the base case of having restaurants as our clients that want data. However, Survu can be scaled to almost anywhere! Since all sorts of organizations and services could benefit from further market research, Survu is a good service to provide the data in a rewarding way in both the business and the customer (the ones doing the survey) side. In the future, Survu can be expected to be seen at concerts, department stores and maybe even hackathons!

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