What is FoodScanner?

FoodScanner is a web application that allows users to upload an image of their food and returns a list of its ingredients, allowing them to identify potentially hazardous ingredients that could trigger allergies or contain other ingredients in dietary restrictions. We used the Clarifai API and integrated the model into a webapp using HTML, CSS, and JS. In our finished project, the webapp allows a user to input a picture, and it will list out all of the ingredients foud in the picture, along with a likeliness percentage.


Since this was the first time that all of us were utilizing the Clarifai API, we had some problems with integrating it into our HTML and JS webapp. Our original idea was to make this into an iOS app for easy access, but ran into a lot of errors with Swift, and we weren't happy with our result.

Next Steps:

With a larger time frame, we would definitely like to make this project into an iOS/mobile application and also we would like to train our own model using Clarifai, instead of using a pre-trained model(because of timeframe). This way we could tune it more to our purpose, which is to analyze ingredients in food that people may be allergic too. We could take in user input in the future, where a person could input all of their allergies and send a text message to our client. our model would send them an SMS with info about whether the food that they are eating contains any of those foods.


Getting Clarifai to work with our web application, making a clean, intuitive UI, learning from our mistakes and adapting to them.

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