If there's one thing college students need less of; it's stress. This is especially true for incoming freshman; although they are not dealing with the stress of taking upper-level courses and struggling to finish their assignments on time (yet), they have the added pressure of moving into their new homes away from home for the next eight to nine months. Non-freshman have an advantage in the sense most of have figured out how to complete a successful move-in process. However, whether it be campus-housing or not, a multitude of problems still arise when students try to find the stuff they need to have a successful academic year. For example, some items are always needed by students in a certain period of time.

Our Idea

Market Central is an easy-to-use, online web application that allows users to buy and sell items of their choosing quickly and efficiently.

How it works

Market Central tackles these problems by implementing a unique matching algorithm using Python. This algorithm sets up a matrix where the columns and rows are buyers and sellers respectively. The individual blocks of this matrix are the actual matches. A match constitutes two things: if the buyer and seller have reached a settlement on the price of the item and whether or not the buyer's or seller's time requirement has been met. Meeting two criteria improves the algorithm efficiency and the overall buying and selling process.

Market Central's backend is set up on the Firebase platform. In addition to having static hosting, all of the user/item data is stored on Firebase's database. This causes users to interact with the most up-to-date information and increases the overall user experience. We also paired Market Central with Facebook login so users don't have to create an additional account when using our website.

Future Goals

We hope to extend the abilities of our website and implement mobile applications for Android and iOS down the road.

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