Weather and Bus Info Facebook Messaging Bot With API.AI.

This is a webhook implementation that gets classification JSON (i.e. a JSON output of /query endpoint) and returns a fulfillment response.

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Deploy to Heroku

What does the service do?

It's a scalable information fulfillment service that uses both local and public API's to provide a central hub for residents of Detroit to easily access updates on the go. The services takes inputs from Facebook Messenger and runs it through native and customized scripts on API.AI to provide dynamic responses tailor to suit your inquiries.


Up to date weather at any location through Facebook for the city and requests weather information from the Yahoo! Weather API. Additionally, it offers real-time responses answers for bus stop schedules pulled from the official Detroit Department of Travel transit API. Taking in the bus stop number as parameter, it returns the bus stop name, next bus to arrive and its arrival time.

The service is Heroku and Github hosted with webhook-compatible response to JSON.

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