Theme Chosen

Social Good. Specifically mental health within teenagers. Alarming mental illness rates are on the rise, and many people struggle to get the support and health they need to get through it. In a time of economic uncertainty, the one thing we have to protect is our physical and mental wellbeing. We chose a dove flying through a wreath as our logo to represent that love and peace can lead to victory together. Helping one another will help us all forget our problems and think about the future.

Our Idea

To combat the rising cases of mental health within people of all ages, we created a website that supports those who are unable to gain help from others, and to spread awareness about mental health struggles. Every tab addresses mental health differently and is meant to creatively relieve a person's struggles through letting it out, watching other experiences, reading online, etc. Those who access the chat tab to rant are anonymous, to protect their identities. Videos of personal experiences are taken from TED talks and other sources of media where mental health awareness is not common. Mental health panels would also take place, and those who attend can attend anonymously, or be on camera and openly ask questions and share experiences as well.


We knew that we wanted to help those who are going through a hard time. To support those who may want short term help, or just want to rant about their day, the website is available for everyone to use. We strategically planned what the layout of the website would be. All the sections and tabs try to address mental health awareness in different ways.

Potential Impact

This website is meant to both support and raise awareness to the public about mental health. Those who are going through a difficult time can confide in the website, and be reminded that they are never alone and there are others who will support them. We hope for this website to be a beacon for people to share their stories, and learn about others. Through it, people can relate with others and share thoughts or journeys that could inspire others to help them get through dark times.

The demo website is still located online, though it is still in progress.

We hope to take this project a step further and release it as a real website for people to use in the future. Mental health is a battle that is never over, but hopefully, a single story can save lives.

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