The goal of the education category is to enable underprivileged students and provide them with the best learning environment possible. College is an important stepping stone in life and can be a greatly beneficial experience for many. However, the process of getting into college, and figuring out what you want to do with your life, can be a daunting and complicated process. What we hope our website provides students with resources and information, without overwhelming them too much, and help navigate and manage the college application process so that they can take charge of their future and give themselves the best possible opportunity for success. By having schools distribute this site/resource to their students, students and their families will know how to progress with their high school career and external educations/activities.

What it does

We created a tool for schools to distribute to their students to help them in their mission to educate their students and prepare them for a brighter future. It also helps schools facilitate their students finding the best learning environment for them after high school.

How we built it

We built this project using HTML and collaborated through Github.

Challenges we ran into

Working with HTML and CSS for the first time, none of us had ever worked closely with either before. We wanted to be able to incorporate other back-end developments that would allow the site to take in user submissions and return to them potentially helpful information about themselves and their major. In other words, we wanted to build the site to be more interactive and tailored to a specific students experiences. However, we initially build our site on Github Pages which meant that we only had a front-end to work with. We tried to find a back-end to host our site on, however that proved to be complicated and we were limited in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Webpages: Homepage - help navigate to different aspects of what to do during their high school years Timeline - informs students on when they should take the SAT/ACT or start college apps since they might not have anyone to tell them when the best time to do those things are. Help page - includes frequently asked questions, like if they should go to public or private schools, advice, like extracurriculars in High School and links to pages where they could get more information and when deadlines are. What College is actually like - After getting into college, students also need to consider the reality of college and this provides them a list of things to consider to help them stay and succeed in college Other options - A 4 year college isn’t always the best option for a student. This page provides students with other options they might consider that would be a better fit for them. Maps - shows students how far the colleges would be from home and lets them explore the area around the school if they don’t have the opportunity to visit before making decisions on where to go. Submit - We created a textbook for the submissions of students work, however we did not have time to implement the analysis Spanish - Takes you to a spanish version of the site to help bridge the language gap

What we learned

Learned how to use github Created a static website with different tabs, embedded links/maps, and information about how to navigate pre and post college admissions Learned how to use CSS and HTML Learned about how to use a backend server that might give us more flexibility with interaction on the website

What's next for

Make an interactive timeline that would keep track of where the user was in their journey and provide more specific dates based on user input of desired university and updated test dates Incorporate AWS Comprehend (NPL -- natural processing language) so that students could submit an excerpt of their previous work/journal entries or random notes or personal statements to be analyzed for keywords. After this analysis was done by AWS Comprehend, we would have compared it to analysis of academic articles, blog posts relating to why people love their occupations and fields of study, and recent headlines about research and academia to match the user up with possible new interests. This would help the user visualize how the priorities and things that they like now align with their potential college journey- to prove that college really is for them.

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