All events through Social Media are dominated by Facebook events. Almost all events are set up through it, and that can be problematic. There can be events that you would really want to go to, but not know about it until the day before when you see "your friend is going to X event". If only you knew about the events before hand.

Our app, MezzaMeet serves to remedy this. Allowing the user to set preferences and a distance radius, they can be notified of events that they're interested in nearby.

But that's not all. The main feature of our app allows users to create events and share photos taken real-time without needing to follow anyone, and without needing to be anyone's friend. This is great for photo-sharing, but amazing for social impact. Take the Hong Kong protests, this app would allow people to see everyones' photos, and thus allow people to see the perspectives of everyone, not the cherry-picked ones by the media.

Target User: Anyone! Anyone who goes to any event, be it a 100,000+ people protest, or a small party. Our app is useful for anyone to share photos.

KeyFeatures: Friendless photo-sharing. Event hubs for photos. Interactive Event Map.

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