According to a research, mexico city has most horrific traffic in the world! Every day there are traffic jams and the city is really contested. The challenge is to solve this problem and improve the lives of Mexican's!

What it does

MexicoCarpool is a simple web application, where user can either give a ride or demand for a ride between most locations. The user can select his place of departure and then easily get contact details with fee of the driver. This application can help reduce traffic at Mexico city as more than 30% of population would be able to pool cars.

How does it work?

First the user opens up the web service, then the user can select his route, its the route where his departure and destination. It has routes from the most congested areas of mexico city. here people get routes from one place to another. if their destination and departure lies between the route, shown in the map, the person can get a car. for example, if your office is at El Caminero and your departure point is in between route of Indios Verdes to El Caminero, then you can make a demand for carpool or offer a ride. on side of every route, time to reach, approximate fare and distance are given. this is the carpool button. when you click on this button, you see a small window. here you can offer a ride or demand a carpool. the user can mention number of seats available. then he can add his contact details and submit. also you can respond the requests, like if someone is looking for ride, he can respond to the offer.

How is it different from current solutions?

First of all, its easy to use, as it has a web interface which can be used by a person who doesnot even own a smartphone!

What I learned

I learnt how to make a simple prototype into a product, I learnt how to make good user interface which is liked by user and most I learnt how to build good end-consumer product.

What's next for MexicoCarpool

The next is to launch a kickstarter and make this app into a reality!

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