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Mexico City Taxi is an application that lets Mexico City Users to easily Call on a Taxi and Carpool with Friends. You can Imagine the kind of traffic drops, fuel consumption minimization, Reduction in Carbon Emmission etc, that will take place when families, people , friends, social Members travels together within mexico city. This app also help Mexico City Users and Drivers to check time duration and amount of fuel needed to move from one location to another within Mexico City. For instance a Taxi Driver carpooling from San Lazaro to Indino Verdes could be able to know the distance of coverage in Miles, Hours and could be a ble to estimate the amount of fuel needed for the travel all by Leveraging OpenXc Dataset. This application is powered by SMS, Google Map and OpenXc Dataset.....

General Information:

Are you looking for taxi so as to be able to travel or carpool with Friends, Families and Love ones, we have set out to map and list most Taxi Services Agency near you in Mexico City.

Dataset Integration:

Google Map,SMS and OpenXc DataSet

Use this app to:

1.) Allow People to Travel and Carpool together thereby taking empty vehicles off the roads.

2.) Find Taxi Renting Services using your current location or by entering an address so as to Carpool with Friends, Families, Business Partners and Loved Ones.

3.) Get directions straight to the Taxi Services Agency.

4.) See Taxi Agency availability in real-time (where available)

5.) Find opening hours, up to date prices, payment methods and more

6.) Quickly narrow down Taxi choices using filters such as free, credit cards accepted, covered, etc.

7.) Ability to contact the Taxi Services Agency Via SMS.

8.) Ability to know the Distance of Coverage between two stations. A Taxi Driver driving from Tacubaya to Tenayuca could be able to know the distance of coverage in Miles, Hours and could be able to estimate the amount of fuel needed for the travel all by Leveraging OpenXc Dataset.

9.) Mexico City User could be able to Visualize the graphical analysis of fuel Consumption over time via OpenXc Dataset and could be able to estimate the fuel cost from one locatio to another.

How the online/digital service improves on traditional approaches

Traditional car navigations systems to date haven't successfully tackled the problem of allowing the Mexico City Users to easily search for and locate the best possible Taxi Services Agency for a particular journey or Carpooling. To do this well requires an exhaustive database of Taxi Services locations as well as additional metadata such as real-time and historical Taxi availability, payment costs and methods, possible height restrictions, opening hours, location of entrance and exists, disabled facilities, etc... The Mexico City Taxi system provides this and more via access to its's database of Taxi Agency locations.

How to Use this app.

Call up the application as no registration is required. Search Taxing Eg. Search Nearby Taxi,then Navigate to Google Map and Pick any nearby taxi of interest via Google Map Icon. Tap on it and Click on GetInfo. The App will automatically provides you all the information need about that Taxi Services Agency Like Address, Phone Numbers, Taxi Websites, Working Hours, Taxi Location Latitudes and Longitudes, Payment Methods,Taxi Services Descriptions etc. This will help Mexico Users in knowing the best Taxi suitable for their Journey or Carpoolings with Friends and other People. Mexico City Users could be able to contact the Taxi Agency via SMS push all within the app system.

Mathematical Computation of OpenXc Dataset:

Hi, Ford: Do you know Why I Prefer mathematics to any other subject. This is because Mathematics is just the Alphabets with which God has written the Universe. Again in Mathematics, I prefer Theory to Objective Questions, This is because even if I don't get the real answers, but every single mathematical steps one takes has a mark applied to it.

Am just trying this OpenXc Dataset for the first time after a friend told me that He needed to have a software that could help him to estimate the Fuel Consumption, amount of fuel needed for a driver to travel from one location to another and Time duration coverage as they move from one point to another.

Here is how I implemented OpenXc Dataset.

1.) I exported OpenXc Dataset to enable Mexico City Drivers to graphically visualized the fuel consumption over time coverage.

2.) To calculate the fuel estimate over time and distance of coverage between two points, I first implored Google Map Longitude & Latitude data extraction and further analyze the distance using Haversine Equation. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haversine_formula)

3.) For Instance leveraging OpenXc Dataset to check Fuel_Consumed_Since_Restart over time.

{"name":"fuel_consumed_since_restart","value":0.440385,"timestamp":1406290551.503} {"name":"fuel_consumed_since_restart","value":0.440465,"timestamp":1406290551.614} From the data above, you can see that:

at Fuel Value: 0.440385 the time was 1406290551.503
at Fuel value: 0.440465 the time was 1406290551.614

To get the time duration for fuel consumed at the fuel value, I implored a module that convert Unit Timestamp to Hours:Minutes:Seconds
1406290551.503 == 18:03:46
1406290551.614 == 18:10:26

Then I implore another Modules that converts the time formats to above to minutes Eg.
18:03:46 == 1083
18:10:26 == 1090

Therefore Time Difference 1090-1083 =7minutes.

To check Fuel Consumption every Minutes 0.440385 / 7 == 0.06293 Litres

Therefore every 1 minutes the fuel consumption is 0.06293 L.

Okay, For instance a Driver traveling from Rio de los Remedios to San Lazaro. I implored Google Map Extraction which was futher analyzed using Haversine Equations. Google Map Integration& Haversine Equations Mathematical Analysis for example indicates that Traveling Distance from Rio de los Remedios to San Lazaro is 1 hour 8 Minutes (01:08)

To Check the Fuel Consumption estimate for 1 hour 8 Minutes Drive become 0.06293 x 68 == 4.2788028571429
Therefore fuel consumption is about: 4.2788028571429 Litres

All this computational data are sent to users Mobile Devices Via SMS

OpenXc Data Source AIIMS_to_New_Delhi_Railway.json
Thank You

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