My main inspiration was to create a useful skill for many users using Alexa Skills Kit platform. This skill allow the user to quickly access to the calendar information based on the last number of their license plate.

What it does

In Mexico City, all the vehicles have to do an emissions testing every 6 months. This skill allows the user to know in which months they have to do their emissions test. The user has to provide the last number of their license plate in order to know which months are designated to certify their vehicle.

How I built it

I've used the Alexa Skills Kit and an AWS Lambda function

Challenges I ran into

Create a simple and seamless experience for the user. The skill gives you a welcome message explaining how does it work and ask the user the last number of their license plate or the color (category) of their vehicle to give an simple answer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think it's a useful skill, because it provides to the user quick access to the information (all the experience in less than 90 seconds)

What I learned

I've used my knowledge to create a useful tool.

What's next for Mexico City Emissions Testing Calendar

Improve the performance of this skill to let the user access to more useful information.

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