Mew Email Assistant is a platform that automates tasks that was traditionally performed by an administrative using natural language processing and text-mining technology empowered by Alchemy API.

We are all very busy and got emails all day about various events and meetings. It is really annoying to manually put them into your calendar so that you won't forget the important events. As that time, you must have wished that you could have a personal assistant to read your email and help you schedule meetings.

Mew Email Assistant allows you to accomplish this take in one simple step: forward the email with event information to a private email address assigned to you. That’s plain and simple, and you get your event into your calendar.

Mew Email Assistant is entirely platform independent. We do not require you to use Gmail. You can send instruction from any devices and any email service provider. The email does not have to be formatted in any pre-configured form. In the demo session, we will show that Mew Email Assistant can parse event information from unformatted emails.

Mew Email Assistant isn’t just for putting an event into your calendar. Our design made it into an open platform with natural language processing power that can understand instructions in natural language. It can further expand into a full-scale life assistant with plugins.

For example, it can easily schedule dinner based on an email request. It can parse the date information and find a time slot that works for all parties.

We hope to increase your productivity through simple flows. You don’t have to click other links to access calendar. You don’t have to memorize specific instruction format. You don’t have to manually input information – everything is automatically extracted.


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