50% of human communication is body language but our current use of social media doesn't actually disconnects us from our own body leading to problems of growing depression and obesity. If we don't utilize technology in ways that are healthy for our bodies and actually connect us we are at risk of losing our humanity. With the current biological threat or COVID-19 leading to mass isolation of populations its become increasingly important to utilize technology to simulate our physical connection and use 3D movement data to compensate for the inability to share the same space/time.

Meu, our prototype, is the first social platform based on 3D movement data allowing users to share their movements and play asynchronous movement games or create their embodied emojis and share them as gifs anywhere.

This is a project we have been working on for a while, it's build in unity and we have our own servers. For this hackathon we tested our iOS app and created a "send to all friends" function that can allow teachers and movement coaches to send messages to a large group.

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