What it does

It is well known that an underground railroad is a very complex system. In this project we have created and implemented a model that will recreate the Barcelona metro station by simulating both the actions of individual people who choose to take the metro and the trains flowing through the different lines by taking into account real data given by the Barcelona City Council. We are able to analyze in which circumstances a station collapses, and then quickly try to simulate different solutions such as sending more trains to decide which one is the best one.

Challenges we ran into

Simulating a system with such an amount of information flow at any time and animating a plot with so many different objects at the time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The integration of the frontend and the backend was a difficult part to do. Creating a theoretical model is also not an easy task in such a reduced lapse of time.

What's next for MetroSimulator

It would be conveninent to simplify the code to make it easier to create events for further simulations. Additionally, we would like to include metrics to quantify what we see qualitatively for research purposes.

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