The most enjoyable festival experience is the one that allows visitors to experience the most while facing the least amount of inconvenience. We decided to tackle this challenging and relevant issue.

What it does

Metronome stores all event planning data of a major conference or festival and encourages visitors to check-in at real time. They can receive custom recommendations of opportunities occurring later in the event and have the ability to maintain a greater social media presence through responsive sharing. To overcome communication difficulties due to overcrowded cellular networks, Metronome is designed to run on top of a mesh network. We built a custom messaging platform within our application and integrated the Lyft ride sharing technology for convenient and affordable transportation.

How I built it

Metronome is built on top of Amazon Web Service and a JavaScript framework.

Challenges I ran into

We had the exciting and challenging experience of developing with music API's for the first time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Metronome database contains all the logistical data for upcoming SXSW events, which we acquired and cleaned for analysis by writing custom scrapers. We believe that this enables us to deliver a more comprehensive experience to users and most effectively recognizes the magnitude of developing for a large event like SXSW.

What I learned

Effective event planning requires communication and coordination among all audiences, producers, and performers in order to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience.

What's next for Metronome

We hope that Metronome will be an effective application that improves the large-scale event experience of organizers, industry leaders, and visitors.

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