We often run into wall with our email and inbox, we know its there somewhere (ie all our documents, images and other attachments) - but we don't know how to find it! So, we thought that well we had enough of it, and got on to building something that will help everyone of us (yes, all the humans!) - MetroMail !

What it does

MetroMail extracts out all the attachments from the email inbox and creates a nice gallery out of it (for images and any multimedia), it sorts all the documents and layouts it with nice preview for easy access, it identifies important documents like bills / invoices and lets you make the payments from within the inbox! It just makes the life easy!

How I built it

We built it by integrating Office 365 / Outlook and our web front / backend

Challenges I ran into

Limiting feature sets due to lack of time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Solving a real pain point for everyone out there!

What I learned

Planning and making things work

What's next for MetroMail

Add more feature such as CRM, expense tracking, travel tracking and email prioritization. Extend it, make it stable, complete all integrations and make it available for proper use.

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