Mexico City has alot of Transit Agencies that operates within the City. In this app, I built it using Metrobus Transit Agency Dataset by leveraging Metrobus Mexico City GTFS and Bus operation time details obtained from Metrobus Transit Websites.

Taking empty vehicle off the road, Smoothing Carpooling, Reducing traffic within Mexico City starts by letting Mexico City Users know the real time when Buses arrives and Departs from each Bustop in Mexico City. This will enable people to take prompt action and ensures that everyone can easily get on board without any issue. This app is called Metrobus Transit Time because the Mexico City GTFS Datasets leverages was for Metrobus(MB).

Metrobus Transit Time is an immediate or live real time bus notification system that uses SMS to notify Mexico City Users on the next arrival and departure time for Metro-Buses. Are you tired of waiting at the bus stop not knowing when the Metro-bus is going to arrive? Or even worse, not knowing if the Metrobus is going to arrive at all? Metrobus Transit Time is here to help by letting you know when the next arrival times are for your bustop/station.

How this app works

1.) Direct Search Via a Search box:

Here Mexico City User Picks her nearest bustop name eg. Tenayuca, Enters his/her Phone Number and click on send SMS Button and the app will immediately alert the user the immediate arrival and depature of Metrobuses within that bustop. The Message will be displayed within the app and also sent to Users Mobile devices via SMS as can be seen below


2.) Setting the Bustop Walk Distance
Because of the fact that some Mexico City Users may be in school,church,working in offices, doing alot of thing at various time and thus can easily forget or not meet up with Metrobuses at her nearest Bustop because she has to walk to that station. I introduce a Pacing or Walk Time Distance Analyzer within the app system.

Mexico City Users do need to know when they need to decide whether to stop whatever they are doing and walk to catch the next Metrobus on their daily route. This app settings will help user to enter her estimated walking time from current location to the busstop, and the app will then alerted the user via SMS when they need to start walking in order to catch their ride with Metrobus Transit.

For instance, if Mexico City User will be boarding on Metrobus from San Lazaro bustop and the Metrobus arrival time is by 04:30 pm and the time it will take the user to walk from her office to San Lazaro Bustop is 15 minutes, then the user has to set her walking distance to bustop as 15 minutes within the app.

Here is what the app does,the app will minus 15 minutes from the actual arrival time of the metrobus within that bustop.
Here is the Mathematical expression

4:30pm -15min = 4:15 pm
With 15 minutes settings at time 4:15 pm, the app will automatically send the user an sms notifications alert 15 minutes before the actual arrival and depature of Metrobuses within that stations. This 15 Minutes will help Mexico City Users to to stop whatever they are doing and walk to catch the next Metrobus on their daily route as can be see in the screenshot below


How to Setup Bustop Walk Distance:

First create an account with your Mobile contact, Navigate to Bustop Walk Settings to set the time it will take you to walk from your office, schools, churches etc to your nearest bustop. Pick the time in Minutes. If for instance that your Bustop Walk distance is 10 minutes to that bus top. Just be sure that Metrobus Transit app will send you an SMS alert 10 minutes before the immediate arrival and depature of Metrobus at that bustop

Platform of Availablity:

Mobile Web & Android

Please anytime you want to check Internet connection from the android app, first Click on Reload Button to Initialize the Internet Checking Call.

Thank You...


Mexico City GTFS Dataset: Metrobus Time Operation Schedule:

Built With

  • sms
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