Here's the story.

Our team has been looking into the potential of mesh nets for several weeks. This weekend, while playing music tracks on the trip to Melbourne, Florida for FloridaTechHacks 2016, we realized there are more groups like us that want to play all the music, but only have one main speaker blasting the tracks.

What you're here for.

METROBOOM is a jukebox app that operates peer-to-peer on Android phones. A host phone connected to a speaker via Bluetooth generates a queue with a generated room code to share with people nearby. People can connect to the host phone and add locally saved songs to the queue, which will play on the host's speaker.

METROBOOM is awesome for people music lovers that want to share their music with their friends in real time, whether they're hanging out and chilling or DJing a party.

Connect your music.

Connect your speaker.

Connect your party.

The details.

React Native was used for coding the front-end.

Webtorrent and was used for the back-end to make peer-to-peer connections.

Fam, it wasn't easy.

Due to FloridaTechHacks 2016 being a 24-hour hack-a-thon, we opted for a minimum viable product (MVP) that supports only Android and shares only music tracks. We know that peer-to-peer sharing has unlimited potential, where networks of people can share any sorts of data (documents, images, and other files) without Wi-Fi.

METROBOOM also had other planned feature that we'd love to add, but since we're on a time restraint, we did what we do best.

We did gud fam.

Major League Hacking pushes us to our limits to get a real MVP going. In particular, FloridaTechHacks holds a standard of viable and valuable projects that have worth and application to the real world. METROBOOM isn't just a cool lookin' app for music lovers and song sharers, but we're proud of how far we've come with applying ourselves to mesh net projects, and are confident in our work.

What we learn?

Kerlin, one of our front-end developers, learned how to use React Native for the first time. This is his first time being a front-end developer in a hack-a-thon as well.

Angelo, another front-end developer, is also learning React Native for the first time. METROBOOM is his first experience with a phone app project.

Annabelle, a newbie to coding, learned a few more coding terms and learned more about the design process for a modern-looking app. They don't teach us this in classes.

Alastair, our back-end dev, has never worked on a project of this scope within 24-hours, and has plugged himself in for awhile, so I'm not sure what he learned but he's grindin' hard.

METROBOOM: the future

We want to expand METROBOOM by adding awesome features to it. We want people in the queues to be able to upvote and downvote tracks, affecting their play priority. In general, we know that peer-to-peer connections and mesh nets, the basis of METROBOOM, has unlimited potential that we want to push to the public.

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