The idea came with the name of hackathon Metro-hacks itself that is metro-hacks, so this is how we got an idea to think upon the problems metro cities face. I live in a metro city. My lifestyle and the way I interact with my city compels me to worry and think about the unsolved challenges that my city face, which ultimately has a huge impact on a global crisis like climate change, global health crisis, water scarcity, food waste, and food security, Unemployment, energy production, and energy consumption, education, echo chambers, and social media polarisation. I am extremely passionate to do social service that can ultimately lead to global unity and peace. For that, I need to get in touch with organizations or people who volunteer, do campaigns to raise these serious issues to the system, and are strong advocates of global crises. Or maybe I want to initiate a campaign and for that, I too need helping hands. How I will be able to get in touch and unite with these social workers to make my campaign more impactful? Thus we got the inspiration to come up with our project named Metro-Gaze.

What it does

Metro-Gaze is a social media app where like-minded people with sheer determination and vision can unite and network among themselves to make this planet a better place to live. We aspire to build the biggest community of social workers from different organizations and we give them the platform to share their vision to form a utopia a dream planet, with greenery, equality, harmony, and peace.

It all starts with a login page…You can register if you don’t have an account in Metro-Gaze. On the home page, you can see my profile. You can see your feed which keeps me updated on various campaigns happening, I can join them too, I can like the posts this will motivate the social workers and organizations. I can even comment and share the same with others this will increase the reach and thus will bring more impact. In the left corner, you can find suggested lists of social workers. you can visit their profile to see their noble works towards society. You can see the organization and events they have been a part of, if you wish I can join them too. As it is said unity is the power that can overcome any challenge. This is how we plan to bring social workers together in a platform.

How we built it

Figma: We used Figma to design our pages and layouts that we planned during the brainstorming phase. Front-end using React.js and we are planning to integrate Backend using Node.js with MongoDB database on Google Cloud to store profile information of the user.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we could not find teammates to work with, so we started working on the project a bit late, though with a great team effort and spending sleepless nights we could manage this till the end.

We had trouble routing between pages, integrating the backend with the frontend. However, we were able to overcome these issues and deploy our web application by the end with team efforts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Each and every member of our team are passionate about Social service. We wanted to deploy an application that could benefit society and nature. We started with the idea of building “Metro-Gaze”, then we did the prototyping, and it is an amazing experience like how we could draft and design our imagination. Finally in the end we could deploy the web application with help of our technical knowledge. We are proud that could build an application for social good that has the potential to solve real-world issues (i.e problems that metro cities face).

What we learned

We could build and deploy the project at the end, we gained proficiency in building web applications with React.js and Firebase. We learn to build user-friendly interfaces. It would not be wrong to mention that in addition to technical skills one of the most vital skills that we learned is teamwork, management, and handling pressure, and completing a task at a given deadline.

What's next for Metro-Gaze

We want to add more functionality and flexibility to our web application. Integrating Machine learning models that can enhance the suggestion of the list of social workers who are like-minded and are willing to work on social good and similar campaigns.

We would like to approach climate activists, volunteers who are passionate about social services, and organizations UNICEF, WHO, NGOs for collaboration so that they can support each other and expand our community, and to increase awareness among people through our web application.

We plan to add a chat server API so that social workers can share and exchange their visions.

Our team comes above 18+ age group category

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