Being college students of the information overload age, the biggest struggle we face on a daily basis is to be our best selves in every situation. In our brains, when 500 deadlines collide with cat pictures and Kanye'a tweets, our attention is fragmented all over the place and we can barely be fully present in the moment. However, as much as we blame technology for this mental chaos, technology can also provide powerful tools to help us become our best selves. Since we are glued to our phones 24/7, why not develop an app that helps us practice mindfulness on the go? Enter MeTime.

What it does

MeTime provides video and audio exercises that provides a guided mindfulness meditation experience to the user. Users can choose exercises ranging from 1-10 minutes, and find peace even in the most chaotic situations through the touch of a button. It's simple interface allows users to choose exercises depending on situations - missing headphones? go for the visual exercises! want a moment of calm? close you eyes and listen to the audio exercises! Whether you are on phone or on your laptop, you always deserve some MeTime!

How we built it

We used Android studio to design the Android app and used HTML/CSS on sublime to build the website. We used Codespin to write the code for the website.

Challenges we ran into

We learned Android for the first time the night before so figuring Android on the go was very difficult, specially with no mentors. Trying to use gif files within our app was difficult. Since we are all beginners, using HTML/CSS was also a struggle. Most importantly, we wanted an aesthetically calming and pleasing experience for the users but there wasn't enough time to accomplish that the way we wanted to

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything works! and we learned tons!

What we learned

We are a great team! And Android is difficult.

What's next for MeTime

Better user exoperience and a vast library

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