We love marshmallows, usually barbequed. But this time, it seems like a fun idea to make it a NFT project and not eat them.

What it does

Meter Mallows is a just-for-fun NFT project. Customise your mallow, breed new mallows, and trade your mallows in the marketplace.

There are 888 gen 0 mallows. $0 to mint, just gas.

The 888 gen 0 mallows can go on to breed multi-generations of cute and adorable mallows.

The DNA of each Meter Mallow is saved into the blockchain. When accessing the pages in the Meter Mallows website, the DNA of each Meter Mallow token is retrieved and CSS/JS is used to display the Meter Mallow NFT.

How we built it

We were looking for inspiration and found a resource. Fixed some bugs and spent the rest of the time designing adorable mallows that are unfortunately... inedible.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to try implementing a transaction fee to dev wallet with $MTRG but in good spirit of a fun project, decided not to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The site looks amazing and we hope everyone has fun with Meter Mallows.

What we learned

Meter has got 2 tokens, 1 for governance and 1 for gas. Very fast transaction speed.

What's next for Meter Mallows

If we win something from the hackathon, we know the next step is to put it up on Meter mainnet! Can we apply grant for this? Possible upgrades could include

  • adding small $MTRG transaction fee for marketplace trades
  • saving the generated NFT to IPFS
  • mallow fight?
  • mallow utility tokens for mallow transformation?

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