we were exploring other easier way to communicate with IOT devices in a home automation system. we decided to use a chat bot to accomplish that.

What it does

basically this is a web app (at its current stage) can turn on/off LED and check its status (whether is is on or off)

How I built it

we use Meteor framework. we picked a open source chat app from GitHub and add on the communication part to Raspberry Pi

Challenges I ran into

we have two challenges. (1) we are new to meteor and (2) it would take time to setup wifi with Raspberry Pi, so we used LAN for this hack.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

yeah. we managed to complete the project in time and learned new things.

What I learned

we learned a lot about the Meteor framework like reactive design, how Meteor organize its codes and technologies used in Meteor. we learned some new things about communicating with Raspberry Pi.

What's next for Meteorthings

the next thing to do will be adding more devices to the app, designing a better UI and making the app a comprehensive home automation system.

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