We used to play simple strategy games like Advance Wars and thought: We can do this ourselves!

What it does

Its a turn based strategy game that you can play online with others. Win by defeating all the enemy units!

How I built it

Meteor all the way!

Challenges I ran into

Building an interactive grid system with only javascript, html and css, smoothly updating between browsers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a working strategy game in 24 hours. That's something to be proud of!

What I learned

Working all night can be quite productive.

What's next for Meteor Wars

  • A world builder
  • New units and abilities
  • More maps
  • Easy support for external mods

Meteor package list

  • coffeescript
  • stylus
  • accounts-base
  • reactive-var
  • reactive-dict
  • accounts-ui
  • accounts-password
  • matb33:collection-hooks
  • momentjs:moment
  • aldeed:collection2
  • materialize:materialize@=0.97.0
  • mquandalle:jade
  • kadira:flow-router
  • kadira:blaze-layout
  • meteorwars:standardgame
  • fortawesome:fontawesome
  • pathfinding A wrapper around PathFinder.js
  • tinycolor2 Also a wrapper
+ 9 more
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