Run game with meteor for Meteor 2015 Global distributed Hackathon


Don't Tap white tile.

What it does

Tap the White Tile. Just kidding. Tap the black tiles and get furthest to win. The gray tiles are where you or other people have died. Play with your friends and see the die in real-time!

How we built it

We decided with Meteor's reactiveness, we could re-create the famous mobile game Don't Tap White Tile, but with a little bit of twist by adding Multiplayer Features.

Challenges we ran into

Optimizing performance on as many devices and browsers possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WebAudio. No loading. Fast!

What we learned

Meteor is great for creating browser based games! And WebAudio.

What's next for meteor-run

We will add more animations and transitions, features and layout for the best experience. And ofcourse, performance optimization.

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