Asteroids, Rhythm Games, Drums

What it does

Meteor Metronome is a game in which players shoot asteroids and avoid collisions, but must do so to a regular beat. Players build up a combo by shooting with each beat, and earn points with each asteroid shot, with a bonus of the combo squared.

How we built it

We utilized the Unity game engine and wrote the game in C#. We also found assets online - in particular, the title screen music was written by MuseNet, an OpenAI project which generates music imitating various styles.

Challenges we ran into

A short list:

  • Quaternions
  • Learning Unity
  • Unity's user interface system
  • Learning and re-learning Git
  • Reviewing polymorphism and inheritance
  • Collisions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solving the challenges listed above!

What we learned

See challenges above!

What's next for Meteor Metronome

More power-ups, different difficulty levels, in-game music that matches the beats, different beat patterns, better graphics, online high scores, multiplayer (competitive and cooperative), full soundtrack, controller support, porting to other platforms, tournament-style competitions, global community, mod support, etc.

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