Meteor Icon

Meteor Icon

A simple Atmosphere badge to display the information about your package anywhere.

It has 99 lines of code, 58 of which is JavsScript.


Meteor Icon builds better package ecosystem for Meteor by making it quicker and easier to communicate package information.

It's a hassle to jump between GitHub and Atmosphere to research the package before using it. Meteor Icon allows authors to aggregate package information and present it with a swag. It also helps package users to make prompt and wise decisions about which package they need to use and how.

Inspired by, Meteor Icon cleanly displays information including the install command, latest version, last published date, and some popularity measures.

Crafted at Meteor Sydney

Meteor Icon was crafted down-under at a building at Western Sydney University, Parramatta.

It is about 35 minutes drive from Sydney's CBD. The weather was warm and little chilly at night. After an outdoor barbecue, beers, energy drinks, coffee, red-eyed sleep, we present you Meteor Icon!

Okay, show me the money.

Here are out-of-the-box examples of some popular Meteor packages.

Meteor Icon

Meteor Icon

Meteor Icon

Meteor Icon

It handles errors for invalid package names.

Meteor Icon


Meteor Icon

From the top to the bottom:

  • Installation script
  • Latest published version
  • Star rating, followed by the most recent score from Atmosphere
  • Number of stars on Atmosphere
  • Last published date
  • Yearly download count
  • In the background: a graph showing the recent 7-day movement of Atmosphere score

How to use

  1. Go to and type in your package name.
  2. Grab the markdown code and embed into GitHub or anywhere you want!

example embed code

[![Meteor Icon](](

List of packages used


From Meteor Sydney:

GitHub Repo


How did you make it work with 99 lines of code?

It was not easy. Yet, by making use of some great community packages (and being ninjas), it was made possible. We invite you to build and add more code to Meteor Icon together. Simply visit the GitHub page!

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