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** cio: short for

A lightweight toolkit to add support for to your Meteor App.


  • Wraps node.js api client library ContextIO-node
  • Utility methods for easy integration.
  • UI controls to add cio accounts
  • UI controls to associate cio mailboxes to cio accounts

If you are not yet familiar with, read their documentation first and play around a bit with their api explorer and make sure you understand how-it-works.


Even though the package contains some utilities to make integration easier, it is still a wrapper of ContextIO-node which is still in beta (i think) so be sure to check it's documentation on it's own repo.


Simply add via console

meteor add rapito:contextio


  • Initialize cio:

    • Use singleton by setting up credentials on settings.json as the library looks for (read settings.example.json) var cio = Cio.get();
    • Or Manually create the client: var cio = Cio.get(apiKey,apiSecret);
  • Create cio accounts: var userCioAccount = cio.createAccount(primaryEmailAddress,firstName,lastName);

  • Connecting mailboxes:

        Template.registerHelper('userCioAccount', function(){
            return userCioAccount;

    {{> connectMailboxButton account=userCioAccountId}}

  • Use npm package directly: var cioNode = cio.client;


  • connectMailboxButton: Adds a Button which initiates negotiation to connect a new mailbox. (Hotmail or Gmail only)
    • required: account account id to connect mailbox to.
    • optional: cio to specify wrapper to be used. defaults to singleton
    • optional: classes to override button style.
    • optional: callbackUrl to redirect client to after mailbox registration.
    • optional: label Button Label.


  • auto-sync meteor accounts: hook to create a user account on your cio account for each registered user.


  • Check out the examples/ folder for simple use cases.
  • App using this package:


  • running examples: cd example/simple/ then meteor --settings settings.example.json
  • munit tests: meteor test-packages rapito:contextio --port 1234 --settings settings.example.json


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