Meteor Bootstrap Tags Input for Bootstrap-3

Bootstrap Tag Input jquery plugin ported to use in Meteor.


This package has two version 0.5.x and 0.7.x.

0.7.x is default/lastest version of package as of now which will have official Bootstrap package installed out of box.

0.5.x is version of package which does not come with Bootstrap as dependency. Using this version will require to install of Boostrap package

How to install and use

Using 0.7.x (lastest version)

meteor add ajduke:bootstrap-tagsinput

Using 0.5.x

meteor add ajduke:bootstrap-tagsinput@=0.5.0

<add your favorite boostrap packge from Atmosphere> or <ignore this if you already have bootstrap package > For.e.g. meteor add meteor add twbs:bootstrap

For those who want to use typeahead with tagsinput, first, you need to add typeahead package (sergeyt:typeahead) then refer the following issue for further reference

For more usage, please consult documentation on following links-

I created the Meteor Project repo, which contains exmaple usage on using this package in Meteor-

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