Inspired by Scarlet Teen, a youth sex-education nonprofit that made a useful set of print out checklists for youth to work out and share their sexual preferences and physical boundaries with partners.

Scarlet Teen's "Yes, No, Maybe So: A Sexual Inventory Stocklist", inspired us to make a boundary clarifying digital space that can be shared very simply and encourage dialogue that builds a culture of explicit consent.

We made a space where people can bring up and share the questions they should be starting to think about way before they're up close and personal with other people's bodies. We gave them questions, put their answers to their unique names and made it possible to mete out the responses of usernames they know about.

Challenges? Everything. It is really hard to cover all the edges people have, we had to really simplify as best we could.

2 out of 3 of us didn't sleep, which made us feel young again. We super bonded. And we're happy that we're not crying.

I won't know what I learned until I have a second to reflect and nap. Hackathons are fun.

More edge finding.

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