As we know, vechiles have totally changes our life. They make us more efficient, save the time used on commuting. However, it is also a pain to find a parking spot, especailly in modern cities. Imagaine you have an app, which can help you find a parking spot when you are desperately looking for one.

What it does

  • Find available parking slots on campus in real-time;
  • Update availability of parking slots in real-time (curretnly with mock data);
  • User-friendly web interface for admine (i.e. add/update/delete parking slots);

How we built it

  • Used Android Studio as the IDE building both the App and the backend in the cloud;
  • Used Python to manipulate our mock data;

Challenges we ran into

  • How the UI interacts with the backend
  • Animation in the app
  • UI Design

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Design the Interface of the App and implement most part of the App
  • Implemented Servlets and Webpage
  • Make sure the data flows perfectly between frontend and backend
  • Generate mock data, and implement script in Python to upload mock data;

What we learned

  • Version Control is important;
  • Agile Development is useful;
  • Teamwork builds great things

What's next for MeteD

  • Get real-time data of meters on campus
  • Alpha Test
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