Inspired by our own struggles of finding and buying cheap airfare, while maintaining reasonable constraints. Flights are still a hassle to find and purchase, even with tools such as Google Flights, Kayak, and Skiplagged. All travel apps use the same sets of input from users: destination, dates, and times. We've taken it a step further and catered flights to find your next trip by using a custom algorithm that analyzes your social media. Flights come paired with hotels as a package. Save more money by sharing the trip with your friends.

What it does

Our custom algorithm analyzes your past behavior, your friends' trends, and what you're looking for, to provide you with only the best results. Forget about comparing a slew of numbers and words and focus on finding your next trip.

We've revamped the buying experience; share select trips with friends to let them know about great deals and future plans. Sharing a trip kickstarts an auction process - as the trip grows in popularity, the price decreases accordingly! MetBlue combines a ranked infinite scroll with interactive tickets.

It's a win-win for both the consumers and airlines: buyers receive discounts while airlines can fill flights on short notice. By increasing social proof and popularity, we fill empty seats at competitive prices.

How I built it

We rely on MongoDB and Ruby to reference our data and provide your next trip. Our UI and UX heavily emphasizes a more minimalistic and fun experience over the commonplace arduous ticket hunting process. A combination of front end development tools creates a streamlined searching and check out flow.

Challenges I ran into

Mapping and developing connections based on social data and individual search filters was a major hurdle to creating a smooth experience. Developing a high-speed infinite scrolling interface and integrating data to MetBlue's unique ticket system was also a major concern.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our design has come together very cohesively, and our search functions are efficient and quick.

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